Crytek opens new studio in Austin from Vigil Games remains.


I just received a press release from Cry­tek announc­ing a new stu­dio in Austin, TX. Vigil Games was based out of Austin, and David Adams, the for­mer gen­eral man­ager over at Vigil, will be head­ing the stu­dio of “35 expe­ri­enced devel­op­ers”. With last weeks auc­tion­ing of the THQ assets, Vigil and the Dark­sider fran­chise were not picked up and awaited fate. There were rumors sprout­ing from Plat­inum Games exec­u­tive direc­tor, Atsushi Inaba, that the Japan­ese stu­dio was inter­ested, but I am guess­ing from this announce­ment that the inter­est has ceased. What will hap­pen to the Dark­sider series at this point is anyone’s guess, though I am try­ing to find out who has the rights to fran­chise. I am excited to see what Cry­tek does with expanded stu­dio sys­tem they have been intro­duc­ing, they recently added a stu­dio in Istan­bul. Check out the press release below for the full details.


Cry­tek GmbH today unveiled their ninth world­wide stu­dio, sit­u­ated in Austin, Texas, USA. Cry­tek USA Corp. is the company’s first US-based stu­dio and is ide­ally placed to embrace excit­ing new game, engine and busi­ness devel­op­ment oppor­tu­ni­ties in North Amer­ica and beyond.

Cry­tek has always enjoyed a spe­cial rela­tion­ship with gamers and busi­ness part­ners in North Amer­ica, so estab­lish­ing a per­ma­nent pres­ence in the US was a nat­ural step,” said Cry­tek CEO, Cevat Yerli. “We are extremely excited about the work that we will be under­tak­ing from our strate­gic new loca­tion in Austin, with David Adams and his team of 35 expe­ri­enced devel­op­ers. We believe our CryENGINE® tech­nol­ogy will enable the team we assem­ble to cre­ate unpar­al­leled new gam­ing experiences.”

David Adams, the newly appointed CEO of Cry­tek USA Corp., added: “I’m thrilled to be a part of the newest Cry­tek stu­dio, which will boast some of the bright­est devel­op­ment tal­ent in the indus­try. The studio’s launch rep­re­sents Crytek’s com­mit­ment to deliv­er­ing diverse and high qual­ity con­tent to play­ers everywhere.”

Cry­tek USA Corp. fol­lows on from the recently-opened Cry­tek Istan­bul as the company’s newest stu­dio, mean­ing the ambi­tious devel­oper and pub­lisher now has an estab­lished pres­ence in Europe, Asia and North America.”

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