August 16, 2012

Day 1 for TK at Gamescom – Update

The sun is shining in Germany today and myself and thousands of other gamers headed down to at the Koelnesse Covention Center in Köln. Free travel cards with our tickets meant we got from the hotel to the convention center by Tram, no problems at all… but that was mostly because I wasn’t navigating, lol! This is by far the biggest games event I’ve ever been at and the scale of it was pretty overwhelming at first, 5 massive rooms with additional outdoor areas for refreshments and taking a bit of time out. Firstly I checked in at Blizzard of course and double/triple checked the MoP cinematic time and then started the exploration phase. Queue times were massive throughout the day, especially getting into the Call of Duty Black Ops II area, but it was similar for most big titles if you wanted a chance to get your hands dirty such as Far Cry 3, Ghost Recon, Hitman Absolution, Assassins Creed III, and Medal of Honour, just to name a few. In comparison the console area was easy to get into, PlayStation had a big gaming area and it was by no means empty. Cosplay was big, although I’ve yet to find this mythical cosplay village Blizzard have talked about, and they have done well with the character impersonators this year, The Hitman was awesome. I passed by the swtor stand, and snapped R2D2, but there wasn’t much happening so I will revisit tomorrow, but I did get to the new Star Trek 3D preview which showed some real-time gameplay, this looks pretty slick and I think will be a real turning point for Star Trek gaming, great fight sequences and as you would expect great voice acting considering the cast of the latest film are lending their voices to the game.

There is obviously so much more I haven’t talked about, I will add another update tomorrow and a full debrief with lots of photos when I’m back in the UK. Gute Nacht alle!

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