August 17, 2012

Day 2 for TK at Gamescom

The temperature is up and so are the number of gamers at Gamescom on my second day. After arriving at the convention center, we are now expert level public transport users by the way, we were ready to hit the exhibitors once again after a quick stop to attempt some sort of wifi access. If I’ve had one issue with Gamescom it’s been the lack of wifi for the normal visitors, that did surprise me as it is such a huge center catering for on average 80 trade shows and 2000 conferences every year. We did eventually get sparse access, I looked on the bright side however and decided that some access was definitely better than none. We noticed quite quickly that some more exhibitors had arrived last night and set up, explaining the few empty spots we saw yesterday. We dropped by the LG trailer cinema which was fantastic and a big plus to the event and LG also presented their range of 3D TVs, the clarity was outstanding, and their In-Plane Switching monitors. But today sticks in my mind for two things, firstly wherever I seemed to turn I ran into a new kind of war game, were very prevalent with World of War Planes and World of Tanks, there was also Arma from, and two new games from Nexon: Navy Field 2 and Shadow Company. Secondly, you only had to walk across to the next stand and you would most likely hear someone yelling loudly from a stage about free t-shirts, ‘do you want a free t-shirt’, ‘scream if you want a free t-shirt’, ‘come up on the stage for your chance to win a free t-shirt’… You get the picture, but it was all good fun and you could definitely come away with plenty of t-shirts!

I’ll be flying home tomorrow, but I’ll be keeping an eye on any new happenings here in Germany, probably more effectively as I won’t be quite as distracted. To be honest I’m itchy to get a bit of gaming done, there are now so many games I really want to play that I never thought I would before Gamescom. This trip has been amazing, thanks for having me Germany!

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