January 4, 2012

Dead Island Breaks 3 million in sales

Dead Island is a unique zombie RPG, it puts players on an island paradise and then throws a chaotic zombie apocalypse at them, and unlike most zombie games this one is melee based, it has gun play but focuses on the up close and personal experience. What Dead Island offers is something I think gamers have been wanting for a long time and Deep Silver delivers, between plentiful zombie bashing and unique weapon creation/upgrade (attaching a battery to a machete to create an electric sword) and character progression Dead Island is a solid title worth checking out. The only place where the game falls a tad short is graphics, the characters seem a bit dated and it could use some over all polishing, the console versions may be better but the PC version could use a texture patch or something. However the gorgeous environment and enthralling game play more than make up for it. Its no surprise that the horror survival game has sold over 3 million copies. Hopefully this will lead to a sequel, anyone whos played it will likely agree that a second Dead Island would be well received, and anyone who hasnt played it, well what are you waiting for, get your zombie bash on!!!!

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