January 5, 2010


Hi, my name is.  Hi, my name is.  Hi, my name is chica chica slim . . . Adam.  I wrote an article from the top 8 of 2009 stating that Inglorious Basterds was one of the best movies of 2009, and I use the name Death Proof partly because I am a fan of Quentin Tarantino, who wrote, directed and produced Death Proof (not my favorite Tarantino film but decent) and since the name is sweet I use it as my gamer tag in online gaming and for my name within our site here.  I have dual citizenship from the US and Canada (sweet deal) and am a US Army veteran, 25 years old and am damn glad the VA paid for my school otherwise I would not have gone to college at all.

Hi my name is Adam and I’m a gamer.  Sometimes this is an addiction that I should be going to AA for, but in reality it’s probably the thing that I have enjoyed doing in my life more than anything else that I can remember (don’t tell my wife, or if your reading I love U and its not a secret, why would I hide that (nervous laugh)).  So basically gaming is something I can remember doing since I was, uhhh lets see, like around 10, I guess, playing the original Nintendo and Duke Nukem on da computer.  So for 3/5th of my life or 60% of my time here on earth I have been looking out for the next cool game to keep me entertained, and am I ashamed, no.  Because this is America, and we do what we can to keep ourselves entertained and video games do a helluva job doing just that.  So I believe unless there is a nuclear holocaust many future generations of games will continue to be breed and older gamers will keep getting their rocks off blowing someone else’s socks off.  Well I think we all learned a little something today, hope you enjoy our blog and keep posting : )

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  1. RustNut - January 7, 2010 9:30 pm

    So u consider yourself a gamer Adam? ****stop leaving gay comments or u will be perma banned fool , lol **********


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