August 26, 2011

Deus Ex: the Eyeborg Documentary

To coincide with the critical success of Deus Ex: Human Revolution Square Enix has called upon Rob Spence, who’s also know as Eyeborg to make a film about human augmentation, prosthetics, and cybernetics at today’s current level of technology.

Rob Spence has himself been augmented with a camera replacing the eye he had lost in a shot gun accident so he brings a unique perspective to the subject of current human augmentation , compares it to Deus Ex: Human Revolution and how far away are we from achieving the level of tech displayed in the game.

In the documentary he looks at the pioneering technology from the leading creators of biotechnology. He also talks with several people who’s lives have been changed by this burgeoning field.

Check it out….

So would you want to be augmented or are you totally against human machine biomechanics? Les see some feedback!!

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