May 29, 2012

Diablo III cracked regardless of the Blizzard countermeasures

Well Blizzard FAILS. Blizzards attempt at security by requiring always on DRM, and screwing legit players in the process, has failed. The game has been cracked and people are now playing for free. But not only are they playing for free, offline cracks are emerging so not only is Blizzards baby being stolen, its being played offline without Blizzard server and client issues. Currently I cant play because the servers are down. OK, maintenance I get it, but Im feeling a little shafted by the fact that someone who has stolen the game can play problem free without Blizzard interruption while I, a legit paying consumer, cant play due to down time because of an ill prepared launch and disconnects when the game is up and live.


However as much as I hate to say it the cracking and piracy of DIII is a two sided coin. Do I condone the theft of the game? No, absolutely not. But I also get that Blizzard may have sparked a piracy movement against themselves with their always on DRM tactics. Of course there are always gonna be those who are pirating and stealing simply due to douche baggery. But I think a large portion of any DIII piracy will be in response to Blizzard’s always on DRM. EA did the always on DRM thing with SPORE and that game broke records for piracy the year it was released, all because EA wanted to shove DRM down our throats with an always on policy. This will very likely get worse before it gets better and its a damn shame this has to happen like this. Both the consumer and the publisher/devs get screwed. That said, if you know a hacker punch them in their fucking face because its their fault we have to deal with this shit.


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  2. Lol? - June 9, 2013 3:06 pm

    It’s the hackers fault? Are you fucking retarded? The reason that people worked so hard to crack it is because Blizzard enabled their always online bullshit. Maybe if you weren’t a legitimate faggot you would download the offline crack as well and stop bitching. Faggot.

  3. PimpmasterF - May 29, 2012 12:33 pm

    And honestly while the always on doesnt bother me all that much (as long as it works), it would if I couldnt get internet or the only net available was crappy slow net that wouldnt cut it. Blizzard really screwed alot of gamers here with the always on requirment. I know the majority have net but it shouldnt be a constant requirement.

  4. PimpmasterF - May 29, 2012 12:31 pm

    Yea, fair enough, I bought it and ill deal with it. And the connection requirement isnt even what bothers me, its the lack of preparedness and the issues experienced due to always having to be connected. If they would come up with a proper fix then fine but so far most of what Ive seen is blizzard not wanting to take full responsibility for the problems people are having and pointing the finger at the consumer saying it must be something on their end even though millions of others are having the same issue.

  5. zero_19 - May 29, 2012 12:19 pm

    If I find one, I will surely punch him….that being said, I’m not all that bothered by the whole online DRM thing. I knew what it was when I bought the game, if it was a deal breaker I wouldn’t have bought it.

    So while I do see the point you’re getting at, and even understand it, you bought the game, the DRM was already there.


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