Diablo 3 Team Deathmatch Scrapped

Diablo III PVP Update

Bliz­zard game direc­tor Jay Wil­son has announced that the planned Team Death­match mode for Dia­blo III PVP has been scrapped, pretty inter­est­ing news for Dia­blo fans out there who have been wait­ing for what comes next to improve the much crit­i­cised end game. The dev team just don’t feel that what they’ve cur­rently got meets either their own or the fans expec­ta­tions, I know that this will come as a blow to a large num­ber of fans but look­ing on the bright side this surely can only mean that rather than releas­ing some­thing that isn’t going to cut it, the team are think­ing ahead and want to get it right this time. So it’s back to the draw­ing board regard­ing Team Death­match, but in-game duel­ing is still cur­rently sched­uled to release in patch 1.0.7 which should be in the near future.

Read more about this deci­sion in the Dia­blo III PVP Update. I look for­ward to hear­ing more about the duelling, hope­fully there will be more news soon.

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