February 7, 2013

DICE Summit 2013: Gabe Newell



The DICE Summit of 2013 is going on right now. For those of you that don’t know DICE stands for Design, Innovate, Communicate, and Entertain. This summit is brought together by The Academy of Interactive Art’s and Sciences and is going on it’s 12th year, this year. This year they had Keynotes from Gabe Newell of Valve, Glenn Schofield of Sledgehammer Games, David Cage of Quantic Dream, and Julie Uhrman CEO of Ouya just to name a few. Gabe Newell’s Keynote was particularly intriguing and I wanted to share it. I like, how towards the end of the Keynote, he talks about user generated content and how stores need to be user generated. I would love to see a store front whether it be on Steam, or if the home consoles embraced user content, that would compile user content in an easy to find, easy to purchase fashion. To some one like me that is more console savvy, it would make finding mods for Empire at War a lot easier, or finding some texture packs for Skyrim to really make it shine. I agree with what Mr. Newell states, there is some user content that is better than what the developers give us. One last thing I want to touch on is he states console transitions are awful and I agree. The Wii U just launched a few short months ago and even I had a weird time with it. I loved the technology, but the idea of, wow, now my Wii is obsolete now I have to buy new hardware, new games; making a transition to a new controller and interface can be a bit daunting. Yes, technology progresses, but there has to be better ways then a five year cycle of in with the new, throw the old away, rinse, and repeat. His keynote is at the top of the article the rest of the keynotes can be found right here.

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