April 17, 2012

Dishonored: New Bethesda Project

Bethesda just recently announced their new game, Dishonored. The game puts you in an oppressive almost steampunk-esque dark ages where a plague spreads in the poor parts of the city. You are an assassin that was charged with the murder or the empress that you used to protect. The debut trailer is very interesting, and has some great graphic moments. I can’t help but think about Assassin’s Creed, especially from watching the debut trailer.

My hopes for this game is that Bethesda will do better with the idea of steal/innovative combat styles than Assassin’s Creed did, and really come at it from an interesting angle. I do like the environment of the game from what I have seen. I am also impressed about how prolific Bethesda has been in the last few years. However, that hasn’t always been a good thing. RAGE was a title that I was less than impressed with, but was overlooked because of the glowing glory that was Skyrim. Dishonored does not have a release date, and the first glimpse of actual gameplay was just released. So it will still be a while before we can really see how this game measures up.


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