March 8, 2013

Dump Bin Diving: Nintendo Selects Part 1


I promised last week i would make up for the lack of Dump Bin Diving and I am keeping true to that. I am going to be giving you 4 games today and 5 next week as I cover the line of Nintendo Selects. Nintendo made a budget friendly line late in the Wii’s life cycle, but that doesn’t mean these games are slouches. I always wondered if they were ever going to do this with the DS as well, but with the 3DS almost in it’s second year, seeing a best of line doesn’t seem like a possibility. Now if you have a Wii U all of these games are able to play on it, taking that you have a Wii remote and nunchuck. In my mind, these are some of the best Nintendo offered on it’s last gen console. There are some great games beside the 9 I am going to go over but, if your looking from some great games, that very in interest, made by the house of Mario, then look no further.



Pikmin 2

The pseudo action RTS made it’s way to the Wii last summer with new play controls and feels right at home with the Wii remote. This was one of several titles Nintendo ported from the GameCube and gave it a new lease on life. There are no graphical upgrades to be seen, but the game was great looking to begin with. The new controls fit perfectly, being able to command the pikmin with pointing the remote versus an analog stick, seems natural and is a breeze. I played this when it was released for the GameCube, and bought the updated version last year; this is the definitive version. Adding 2 new pikmin, the poison resistant white pikmin, and the heavy lifting purple pikmin; there are more puzzles to be solved with Olimar’s plant like pals. The co-op mode is still intact with this version, with the other person taking control of Louie, Olimar’s co-worker at Hocotate Freight.


Worth your money: Yes, this is one gem that you should track down. The first game is also available in the New Play Controls line, if you have never played either now is a great time to start. The Wii remote/ nunchuck combo offer a better way to play the game, and all the charm and cuteness of the pikmin retain. Pikmin is something else entirely that could only come from the mind of Miyamoto.




Punch-Out!!! Featuring Mr. Dream was an arcade classic. It once featured a premier boxer who now a premier dunce, but Punch-Out!!! has made few appearances over the years. The last we saw a proper entry in the series was on the SNES, but did the Wii version live up to the short pedigree? Yes, yes it did. The pseudo cell shaded graphics are reminicent of the SNES Super Punch-Out!!! and deliver the zany combatants personalities quite well. There are several control schemes for this game; Wii remote, Wii remote/nunchuck, Wii remote/nunchuck/balance board. The best one out of the three, and makes the growing difficulty later in the game much more manageable, is the Wii remote. Simply put the game is best played when it is played as it’s predecessors were with a simple controller. Turn the Wii remote sideways and you have a NES controller and a new, updated version of an arcade classic.


Worth your money: If you are a fan of the original two games in the franchise, yes. If you are looking for a boxing game that has more depth than Wii Sports, Yes. There are several tournaments to play through and there is a vs. mode. You can experiment with the other controls, but I recommend just using the Wii remote, by far the easiest and most responsive.



Super Mario Strikers

I have pour many hours into this game, by myself, and with friends and family. Despite some weird controlling mini games, this is the best of Mario sports. Imagine if they took soccer/football, dumped the rules, made the outline an electrified fence, gave mid game super shots and power ups, and added the checking of hockey; that is Mario Strikers Charged. There is some good soccer/football to be had, but if you ever wanted to know what Mario sounds like being electrified, look no further. It’s 4 vs. 4, one captain, normally a Mario vet, and then 3 side kicks such as koopa, Marty, or Dry Bones. Each character and side character have their own super shots that can be deployed to help try and score goals against the smart A.I. goalkeepers. There is online vs. modes, plenty of offline tournaments to keep you busy, but this game really shines when you have four people in the same room playing this game. Out of all the Wii games I have played, this is by far my favorite co-op game. Nothing beats having you and three friends ruling tournaments on higher difficulties and making team work count.


Worth the money: Yes, it is so easy to recommend this game. I have never had more fun, even with proper sports titles, than this game. It is a blast to play solo, but is some of the best multiplayer fun you can have on the Wii. There are a few issues with controls, especially when you are trying to block super shots, but past that it is one of my favorite Wii games of all time. My brother bought a Wii just for this game, not Wii Sports like most.



Super Mario Galaxy

Speaking of my all time favorite Wii games, this one tops the list. The Galaxy series, brought Mario to the console with top notch level design and fantastic platforming. When bringing Mario to the new console they could have made the game make full use of the motion controls and went wild with them making you swing wildly to make Mario do the simplest task, but they didn’t. There are subtle motion controls and most is left to the analog stick and buttons like a proper Mario title. There is a difference between Galaxy 1 and 2 and that is how the levels are laid out. Galaxy 1 is very reminiscent of Mario 64, there is a hub world that needs unlocking and you go from area to area finding the stars. Galaxy 2 still has you finding stars but has the set up as classic Mario titles and the “New” series, there is a map you traverse in place of the hub world. I perfer the Galaxy 1 hub world, it feels like there is more of a sense of exploration; the same feeling I felt traversing the castle for the first time in Mario 64. Galaxy is beautiful, controls great, and the music is fantastic. Every time I play the game, I feel the Nintendo magic. This is Nintendo at their finest, crafting near perfect games.


Worth the money: What part of best Wii game do I have to, repeat? Yes, it is worth every penny. The music, level design, platforming, and yes, visuals, are all sublime. If you have a Wii and this game is not in your collection, drop what you are doing and pick this game up, for $20 this is a steal. We can criticize Nintendo for sometimes making less than powerful hardware, but they let their games shine. Just to make my statement a little louder, Super Mario Galaxy is holding the best reviewed Wii game of all time on Game Rankings, with a 97.64%, in fact it’s the best reviewed game of all time on the site as well.

All the titles in this weeks article can be picked up at any retailer for $19.99.

Editors Note: the title picture has Super Paper Mario in it, it will be in next weeks article. The gallery below has a screen shot for each game.



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