January 25, 2013

Dump Bin Diving: Street Fighter X Mega Man


The first Friday that my bargin bin article is back and it covers a game that is great, yet absolutely free! Street Fighter X Mega Man is a game created by a fan, Seow Zong Hui. It won the support from Capcom and they released the game in conjunction with Mega Man’s 25th anniversary; bet you forgot didn’t you? The game is an 8-bit side scroller reminiscent of the blue bombers NES days. The catch is all the master bots have now been replaced with Street Fighter characters, M.Bison replaces Wily as the final boss. The music was done by chiptune artist  Luke Esquivel “A_Rival” mixes tunes from Mega Man and Street Fighter in a soundtrack that is epic. The soundtrack is available to download here, as a “name your price” album. The game is only for the PC and if you can use a controller, I plugged in a 360 pad, it plays much better. This is one game a where the controller is king. It will run on pretty much any PC, it runs on my 4 year old laptop with no issues. There is only a few gripes I had with the game. One, there are some design issues. There are levels where sections don’t quite come together, and the Chun-Li level feels over in no time at all with out any challenge. There is finally a save system in the update that recently released, which was an original complaint I had. There maybe some “who is this guy” if you haven’t played a Street Fighter since 2. Urien was added during the Street Fighter 3 series, Rolento and Rose were introduced during the Alpha series, and C.Viper was introduced in the Street Fighter 4 series. Blanka, Chun-Li and Ryu should all be familiar, hopefully. The game is worth downloading, it is free after all, since we haven’t seen a proper 8-bit Mega Man title since 10 back in 2010. The game is a love song to Mega Man and all things Capcom, the soundtrack is just stellar, and during the new weapon screen you get to beat up on Dan, what else could you want? Download the game right here and enjoy!

Is it worth it: Yes! Download it now or suffer an 8-bit hadouken!



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