Dump Bin Diving Will Return Next Week


I do apol­o­gize for not hav­ing a Dump Bin Div­ing arti­cle this week. It has been a hec­tic week and I never got time to play some­thing for review. Next week though, it will be back and in dou­ble dose form. I will have 2 games for you next week and things will go “accord­ing to plan”. Any­way, I leave you with on of the cutest Poke­mon pic­tures of all time. Have a good week­end and see you next week.


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Dec 15, 2013
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Is the ps4 worth get­ting cause I’ve been hear­ing xbox one is bet­ter? I’ve always had playsta­tion con­soles and no one seems to give me a good idea between the 2.

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Dec 15, 2013
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With that con­tent in watch, it exclu­sive seems hon­ourable that any Sony PS4 hous­ing is going to
be umteen eld inside mak­ing yet, per­haps as far to the sub­se­quent as
2015. The light bar for the front will glow
dif­fer­ent col­ors depend­ing on whether you’re
player 1, 2, three to four, and will likely be
tracked with the brand-new PS Eye cam­era. This is where NCAA foot­ball ros­ter providers can be found in handy.
Retail Mer­chants in Canada such as EB and Wal-Mart are
each tak­ing pre-orders for the new con­soles prop­erly into the new yr.

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