February 22, 2013

Dump Bin Diving: Wipeout 2048


Today we highlight our first Vita game. I have spanned this segment over all platforms except for the Vita, well today that changes. We are going to take a look at my favorite Vita game at the moment and one that holds some sentimental value, Wipeout 2048. I love the Wipeout series ever since I played it on a demo disc for the PS1. Wipeout has spread over the years, hitting consoles in every generation; from the PlayStation to the Nintendo 64, to the Sega Saturn, to the PlayStation 2 and PSP. The series latest console entry Wipeout HD and Fury add-on were only available from the PSN, and was a recreation of the PSP titles. Wipeout HD upon release was stellar and today still sets a high bar for console graphics. Running at a blistering 60 fps and in full 1080p, showed what the PS3 was capable of in it’s early days. Wipeout 2048 is the last game to come from SCE Studio Liverpool, the long Wipeout franchise developer. After 2048, its unclear where the series will go but if this is the last one, well then I am at least happy I have the pleasure of playing it.

Wipeout 2048 is a prequel in a sense, showing off the early days of the anti-gravity racing. The tracks still look futuristic as ever with a wide variety between the 10 new tracks. The new machines are broken up into 5 different corporations and 4 different classes, speed, fighter, agility, and prototype for a total of 20 machines. The single player campaign spans over 3 years of the Anti-Gravity Racing Championship, consisting of time trials, races, combat races, zone races, and prototype races. There is a full multiplayer suite as well, consisting of custom made races and competing in an online campaign. The game looks great, though downgraded from 60 fps to 30 fps, and has an incredible sense of speed. The Vita’s analog sticks feel great when racing and the game has a good difficulty curve the series has been known for. There is cross-play available so you can play the game on the PS3 as well. Speaking of the PS3, if you happen to have Wipeout HD bundle and Wipeout 2048, you can download the Wipeout HD bundle to 2048 making it three games in one. You get the Wipeout 2048 campaign, the Wipeout HD campaign, and the Wipeout HD Fury Campaign all in one game. The Wipeout HD bundle add on looks and plays great; other than loss in frames per second, there is barely any loss in graphical fidelity. The game is great on its own merits, but if you have the Wipeout HD bundle, it was free as part of the Sony Welcome Back program after the PSN breach, then this game triples it’s self. I do have other games for my Vita, but Wipeout continues to be rested snugly in the game card slot. Thank you Studio Liverpool, for a great swan song.


Is it worth it: For a paltry $20 you can have one, if not the best, racer on the Vita right now. If you own a Vita and the Wipeout HD bundle on the PS3 then there is no excuse why this shouldn’t be in your collection. If you have a Vita and PlayStation Plus, it is included with the instant games collection and should be on your memory card by time you are done reading this.


Wipeout 2048 – is available on the PSN as part of the Instant Games Collection included with your PlayStation Plus membership. It is also the cheapest on the PSN for $17.99. I purchased mine at retail for $19.99.


Dump Bin Div­ing is posted every Fri­day. It is a look at games that are with in a $20 bud­get, that may or may not be worth your time and hard earned money. The games maybe down­load­able or disc based.



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  1. DianaQ - February 23, 2013 8:41 pm

    Looks exciting to play! Great graphics!!


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