June 6, 2011

E3 2011 – EA’s Game Changers

EA just finished their press event and heres what they showed us:

Mass Effect 3 – March 6, 2012 – The live demo showed some great graphics and really showed off a much larger scale for the action and fighting. It was also said that if you played the previous Mass Effect games that your decisions in them would all come together in this installment.

Need for Speed: The Run – This new NFS title will be a race across the USA. They have added the auto log feature to this one and it will also feature action out of the car as well. The live demo showed this feature to be a simple button timing excercise but it will be an interesting feature. With stolen police cars, fighting, and helicopter chases this NFS seems like it will up the action element.

Star Wars the Old Republic – Giant disappointment. No release date and the trailer that was shown was the previous two trailers mixed together along with only a few new scenes. Like is said, disappointed.

SSX – Jan 2012 – SSX will have three modes: Race, Trick, and Survive. You will be able to hit the slopes on any major mountain range in the world.

Fifa 12 – It will have better defense systems, ball control, and a new impact engine for tackling. Fifa will also get Football Club. It’s a social hub for stats, leaderboards, and challenges at no extra cost.

Madden 12 – Aug 30 – As with every year, new AI, new collision system, and new player performance system. It’s Madden people. You play one, you’ve played them all.

Sims Social – Sims on Facebook…..yea…..

Reckoning – 2012 – This is a 3rd person fantasy/ action rpg style game. It has your typical magic and regualr fighting system. Can’t say it really was anything great.

Over Strike – Set in the near future, Over Strike has you play as one of four mercenaries in a group with futuristic style weapons and tech. If this turns out to be a four player Co-op, this could be a fun one.

Battlefield 3 – Beta in Sept – Full game Oct 25 – BF showed off the new Frostbite 2 engine with a few scenes which looked great. There was a multiplayer trailer but it was very quick and didn’t really show much. Like the Auto Log for Need for Speed, Battlefield will introduce the Battle Log which is their social hub for stats and leaderboards etc. They showed a live demo from the PC version which looked nice but it was all in a tank. Never showed anything on foot. It was an open field tank battle that eventually turned into a small base assault with the tanks.

All in all EA showed some interesting things. More to come from E3!

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  1. ScrotusKilmystr - June 10, 2011 3:47 pm

    EA had some cool stuff BATTLEFIELD SAAAWIIING! even thouh people were complaining about them only showing a tank mission It was a fantastic looking tank mission!! I may have to be borrow and/or steal some more cash to build/upgrade a rig to run this game at full or close to it spec and I just did that crap….
    madden-meh, tiger woods-meh.. EA’s sports lineup to me seems to be getting stale and they need to move on and create some new sports games I mean can Madden even walk anymore he may be stuck in a wheel chair drooling the anouncements and commentary by now… and Tiger you would think they’d drop him after he’s been puttin and dropping hole-in-ones all over town


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