January 11, 2012

EA cross promotions!

Bioware and 38 Studios have announced some cross promotion with the Mass Effect 3 demo and the Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning demo. The Kingdom of Amalur demo will hit on January 17th; along with the demo it will have some Mass Effect 3 goodies in tow as well. Install the demo, play the demo, watching the short film at the end and poof! You will earn the “Reckoner Knight Armor” and the “The Chakram Launcher” for the retail copy of Mass Effect 3 due out on March 6th 2012. Now here is what is interesting, play the Mass Effect 3 demo, which has no announced date as of yet, and unlock two exclusive items for Kingdom of Amalur! Execute the same procedure as the KoA demo and you will unlock the “N7 Armor” and “Onmiblade Daggers” for the retail copy of Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning due out on February 7th 2012. EA is no stranger to cross promoting games with in Bioware and dabbled a bit with Visceral Games, but to go with a new studio and attach it to one of, if not the biggest release of 2012, speaks volumes. 38 Studios is helmed up by former Major League Baseball pitcher Kurt Schilling and Kindoms of Amalur will be the first game from this new studio. I am super excited about this two studios teaming up and these two games are on my must have list for 2012. Check out the cross promotional goods down below in the screens and all the info is down in the press release.



“By playing the Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning demo,gamers will receive two unlocks for Mass Effect 3 when the highly anticipated game releases on March 6, 2012, both designed by the renowned creator of Spawn, Todd McFarlane:
Reckoner Knight Armor: This armor will maximize damage done in close-quarters combat while a beefed–up power cell feeds energy into weapon systems to increase projectile velocity.
The Chakram Launcher: This weapon uses a fabricator to manufacture lightweight, explosive ammunition discs. This weapon is earned after completing the Reckoning demo and watching the trailer at the end.

By playing the upcoming Mass Effect 3 demo, fans will unlock the following items for Reckoning when the game launches on February 7, inspired by Mass Effect:
N7 Armor: Players can unlock special armor inspired by Commander Shepard’s iconic N7 battle armor including Helm, Cuirass, Gauntlets, Chausses and Greaves.
Onmiblade Daggers: A holographic blade stemming from Commander Shepard’s Omni-Tool, the Omni-blade allows players to stab enemies in close combat. Once players install and play the Mass Effect 3 demo, they will unlock the daggers.
The Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning demo features the introduction to the game, allowing players to experience the game’s Tutorial Mode and a portion of its large, open world. Players will create and customize their hero and drop right into the action. Once players master the basics, they will have 45 minutes to explore the vast world of Amalur and begin to embark upon a quest that could redefine their character’s destiny forever.”

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  1. ScrotusKilmystr - January 13, 2012 8:04 am

    I will give EA props on this because by just playing the demo KoA you get unlocks for ME3 and visa-versa this is an interesting way to promote a new IP that’s already receiving a lot of buzz lately


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