November 25, 2010

Elder Scrolls V A Sequel?

Oblivion was one of the most anticipated games in 2006 on all platforms.  It combined quality story lines with top notch graphics to provide one of the best open ended RPG’s to date. 

It was confirmed by Eurogamer that Bethesda game studios is currently working on the Elder Scrolls 5.  However, unlike the previous installments, Elder Scrolls V will be direct sequel to Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. 

Bethesda Game Studios admitted back in August that its 90 plus staff  had been working on an Elder Scrolls title over two years. It was believed that Bethesda would follow the same pattern by releasing stand-alone chapters, however now it seems that the studio has decided to break the tradition.

I’m excited for the new Elder Scrolls title but there are a few things that need to change to make it a truly great game.  I felt there were several issues that really held Oblivion back from truly being a master piece.  First and foremost was the models system.  I’ve seen titles 5 years older then itself with better character animations and facial expressions.  When the NPCs are moving within the game they look static, almost doll like.  Upgrading the graphics engine behind the scene and changing how the world looks I think would go a long way to helping the title being a success.  The second, more personal gripe I have, is the emptiness that I felt when I was playing.  I would stroll into a town with massive cathedrals, houses, massive temples and barracks yet when I walked around I would hardley see anyone.  In a town that should have thousands you would see maybe 20 throughout the entire town.  This emptiness began to wear on me as I progressed through the game.  Both Oblivion and Fallout 3 suffered from this problem.  The final issue that Oblivion suffered from was the short and ungratifying story.  The story ended on a rather unclimactic note and when I reached it i was extremely disappointed. 

Overall Oblivion was a great game and it was one of the most gorgeous titles to look at at the time.  However, these issues kept it from being a masterpiece.  If they are able to address these issues I think Elder Scrolls V will be a major success within the RPG community.

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