Electronic Arts to make Star Wars titles for Disney


EA and Dis­ney have announced that EA will be mak­ing core audi­ence Star Wars titles. EA will be bring­ing titles to the PC, con­soles, tablets, and more. There are no titles announced at this time, nor is the fate for Star Wars First Assault, or Star Wars 1313. Pres­i­dent of EA labels, Frank Gibeau, did drop a few stu­dio names that could make future Star Wars titles, these stu­dios include Vis­ceral, DICE, and Bioware. Bioware has already done a Star Wars title with The Old Repub­lic. Gibeau also stated that “These imag­i­na­tive teams will make games that may bor­row from films, but the games will be entirely orig­i­nal with all new sto­ries. Pow­er­ing it all will be the the Frost­bite 3 devel­op­ment engine”. So we will have new orig­i­nal games on a great look­ing engine, this is intrigu­ing. Bat­tle­front 3 with the destruc­tibil­ity and vehi­cle com­bat of Bat­tle­field would be a fever dream. I know that EA is not every­ones favorite com­pany, but this could pos­si­bly be redeem­ing; as long as we don’t get micro­trans­ac­tions ad nau­seum. Once we hear more on what EA has planned for any future Star Wars titles, we will update. Anx­ious? Ner­vous? Think this is a bad idea? Let us know below.

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