March 29, 2013

Epic Shows Off The Power of Unreal 4 with Infiltrator


At GDC Epic took the time to show off another video running on the new Unreal 4 engine. We have seen the Elemental video before, but today, Kotaku is showing off the latest build in a video dubbed “Infiltrator”. According to the Kotaku article, Mark Rein, Epic’s VP, tweeted that the demo is running on a “single off-the-shelf Nvidia GTX 680”. The video is quite impressive. According to Kotaku, the whole demo is running in-engine and that none of the backgrounds, including the city and mountains were rendered and not painted. The Unreal 3, despite at times being a technical mess, has been the leading engine used this past generation from Gears of War; to Bioshock: Infinite; to RPG’s like Lost Odyssey. Check out the video below.



They also showed off the Elemental demo running on the PS4 hardware. They showed this off for a quick minute during the PS4 announcement, but here is the full tech demo running on the current PS4 build, according to Kotaku. I wasn’t expecting a huge leap in graphics in the next gen, but a constant 60 FPS is something I would like.



*PS4 Video Credits go to Kotaku

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