March 28, 2013

eShop Update: HarmoKnight and Updates


This weeks eshop update is the lightest it’s been in quite a while. There is nothing new for the Wii U. For the 3DS however, there is plenty to keep you busy, after you update your system of course. Here are the details for the 3DS update and what it adds to the handheld:


“A tool that allows Nintendo 3DS users to transfer save data from the packaged version of a game to the downloadable version. Players that originally purchased a physical version of a game will be able to pick up right where they left off with their save data if they decide to purchase the digital version of the same game. Save data that is transferred to a digital game cannot be moved back to the physical version.


An improvement to the feature that downloads items in the background when the Nintendo 3DS system is in Sleep Mode. Items will now download when the Nintendo eShop is running. Users can simply close the system cover to activate the “Download Later” feature and the game or application will begin to download.”



The update takes no time at all, by time I was done typing the first paragraph it was basically finished. The biggest release on the 3DS this week is the arrival of HarmoKnight, the rhythm/action game from Pokemon developers GAME FREAK. There is a demo still available for the game, and the full download will run you $14.99. Due expect there to be Pokemon theme’s though out the game, there is even a Pokemon themed level in the demo. Also hitting this week is downloadable versions of Sega All-Star Racing Transformed and Resident Evil: Revelations. Sonic will run you $29.99 and Resident Evil will run you $19.99, there are demos available for each as well. New to the Virtual Console this week is the Natsume GameBoy Color title, Legend of the River King. Legend of the River King can be yours for $4.99.¬†Unfortunately¬†that is all for this week’s download. If you like games like Runner2 or games from Q Entertainment that include music based gameplay, give HarmoKnight a try.

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