April 25, 2013

eShop Update: Rayman, Mega Man, and Waiting to Update


There isn’t much new on either eShop this week, but what is new counts in big ways. Rayman Legends Challenge app, the special free feature to Rayman Legends for pushing the title back and making it multiplatform is out today. The Rayman Legends Challenge app feels like a small chunk of the finished product given to Wii U owners as compensation for weeks before release, pulling the carpet out from under them. The Challenge app gives you three levels, including  the Wii U featured Murfy’s Dungeon. There will be daily and weekly challenges to partake in and leaderboards are included with those challenges. The app is free to all Wii U owners and is available now on the eShop. Also coming to the Wii U sometime this week, I thought it would have been today and it still could be, is the much needed Wii U system update. The update that was detailed in the last Nintendo Direct, will improve software load times significantly, while adding the much anticipated Virtual Console. The Virtual Console list seems a bit short but they are just now launching it with the newly added features, here is what may be on sale when it launches: Excitebike, Balloon Fight, Donkey Kong Jr., Ice Climbers, Punch-out, Kirby’s Adventure, F-Zero, and Super Mario World. On the 3DS the only notable release this week is Mega Man 4 on the VC, but thats awesome. I already have 2 and 3, slowly my SD card will only comprise of Mega Man titles. Mega Man 4 will run you $4.99.

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