eShop Update: Rayman, Mega Man, and Waiting to Update


There isn’t much new on either eShop this week, but what is new counts in big ways. Ray­man Leg­ends Chal­lenge app, the spe­cial free fea­ture to Ray­man Leg­ends for push­ing the title back and mak­ing it mul­ti­plat­form is out today. The Ray­man Leg­ends Chal­lenge app feels like a small chunk of the fin­ished prod­uct given to Wii U own­ers as com­pen­sa­tion for weeks before release, pulling the car­pet out from under them. The Chal­lenge app gives you three lev­els, includ­ing  the Wii U fea­tured Murfy’s Dun­geon. There will be daily and weekly chal­lenges to par­take in and leader­boards are included with those chal­lenges. The app is free to all Wii U own­ers and is avail­able now on the eShop. Also com­ing to the Wii U some­time this week, I thought it would have been today and it still could be, is the much needed Wii U sys­tem update. The update that was detailed in the last Nin­tendo Direct, will improve soft­ware load times sig­nif­i­cantly, while adding the much antic­i­pated Vir­tual Con­sole. The Vir­tual Con­sole list seems a bit short but they are just now launch­ing it with the newly added fea­tures, here is what may be on sale when it launches: Excite­bike, Bal­loon Fight, Don­key Kong Jr., Ice Climbers, Punch-out, Kirby’s Adven­ture, F-Zero, and Super Mario World. On the 3DS the only notable release this week is Mega Man 4 on the VC, but thats awe­some. I already have 2 and 3, slowly my SD card will only com­prise of Mega Man titles. Mega Man 4 will run you $4.99.

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