May 7, 2014

Eve online – the future


I’ve always been a fan of EVE Online and as such I’ve played it off and on over the past decade and being a fan of space battles, space itself and huge starships why wouldn’t I be? In my opinion it’s thee best space sim on the market today. It has amazing looking starships, amazing galaxy vistas, a huge and thriving economy, huge political conflicts a galaxy and that just scratches the surface of what EVE online has to offer.

The newest trailer though brought me consider something that I hadn’t really thought of prior to it. All new games generally have cool trailers but in reality the game rarely ever looks anything like or plays like the trailers that represent them I.E Warhammer, Mass Effect, The Witcher, etc. The trailers are designed to look awesome and make people want to play the game and in truth this trailer does just that but it also does something I don’t think I’ve ever seen before in a trailer and that is to show off what the developers want EVE to look like in the future not what it looks like now. Having said that the prophecy trailer is made almost entirely from the in game engine which is impressive for how stunning it looks. I’ve seen less spectacular space battles on popular TV shows.

Is this trailer meant to do what every other trailer is meant to do and draw you in? Yes… But more than that it’s there to show what the developers at CCP envision the game to be like in the near future and if that is the future they see I want to be a part of it. Many of the complaints I’ve had about the game and ideas I’ve had were pretty much showcased or improved in that trailer as things they want to improve upon such as localized damage to starships, improved warp in’s, larger scale battles, expanded galaxies, boarding parties, planet battles, etc.

The vision CCP has for EVE online is incredibly ambitious but they are, slowly but surely, pulling it off with the help of over 500k subscribers. I’m incredibly impressed with what they’ve been able to pull off over the last decade and I plan to keep playing EVE throughout the years. What do you guys think?

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  2. DigitalWorkshed - May 12, 2014 2:12 am

    The trailer is not even near the gameplay. Just saying.
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