June 20, 2010

Eve Online: The Most In Depth Online Universe Ever?

We have been playing EVE online for over two months now and the game just keeps getting better.  On the surface the games looks like your standard sci-fi MMO fare.  However, once you start to play the game you soon realize this couldn’t be further from the truth.  I should point out that eve is not meant for everyone.  Eve has many facets of play within in.  You can focus completely on combat, construction, economy, mining, planetary mining, research, etc.  There are so many things to do within the game.

The thing that really sets eve apart from the rest of the herd is how it progresses the player.  Most MMO style games have the grind formula.  The player has to kill a mouse 5000 times to increases his characters level so he can increase his characters stats so he can compete on a higher level.  This can really put the casual gamer at a big disadvantage unless he sinks the same amount of time into the game.  Eve, instead of having the grind and repeat formula uses a “skill” based system.  Everything within the game requires a certain skill to use.  Skills have 5 levels and for every level it will increase the efficiency at which that item is used.  Skills can take anywhere from 8 minutes to 60 plus days to complete.  Skills train even if you are not online.  While this skill development path can turn some off saying it’s to slow it actually provides a side benefit of helping you learn everything you use and teaches you how to use it well.

Combat in EVE can very much depending on what you want to do.   Engagement can range from 2 v 2 gangs to 1000 vs 1000 fleets engagements.  As you might guess the tactics you can employ very greatly depending on the situation.  Eve as a whole has a much slower and methodical feel to it however during combat it’s quite the opposite.  All ships within EVE are player created and purchased.  Your ship(s) do not respawn when you die and some ships in EVE are extremely expensive.  Loosing a ship can be both devastating and heart breaking.  So being careful in engagements is extremely important.   Ships in EVE are completely customizable you can change everything on them include the weapons, weapon ammunition, power and CPU modifications, shield and armor modifications.   This makes how you approach combat entirely up to you.

EVES economy is almost 100% player driven.  Everything from the materials to the ships used within the game are made and sold by players.  Very few things within the game are provided by the game devs themselves.  The economy works just like a real world economy.  Prices are set and made depending on market demand and volatility.

Another interesting aspect of eve is peoples character and reputation.  EVE tends to emulate what people will do in real life to get ahead of one another.  Danger lurks around every corner and you can wind up being betrayed over night by the people you called friends.  Everything within EVE is based upon player choice and decision.  A simple decision can plunge an entire region of space into war costing billions of in game money.  You reputation will follow you and if you have sided with the wrong people at one time you can find yourself with a bounty on your head and being hunted everywhere you go.

Eve is separated into three parts.  HiSec which is safe space where you can roam around in relative safety (unless your corporation is at war with another).  Low sec which is less safe then high sec but as long as you don’t wonder off  to explore to much by yourself you should be fine and finally Null Sec.  Null Sec is where the game really becomes enjoyable.  High Sec and Low Sec space are NOT owned by players.  They are owned by the in game races (Caldari, Minmatar, Amarr and Gallente).  In Null Sec everything is owned and controlled by players, corporations and alliances.  Wars are fought over politics, resources and greed.

EVE is a fantastic game.  It is one of the few MMO that I myself actually enjoying every time I play it.  I can find myself sitting down to play EVE for hours at a time and not even realize the time has passed.  I personally had around 1 year of actual play time in EVE and I am still learning new things about the game every.


  1. Larry - July 16, 2010 8:07 pm

    EVE is probably one of the best games I have ever played – it is definately to best MMO out there. The depth of gameplay is something you can work on for years and never master. CCP also has it right by NOT charging for expansions the way other MMO’s do. Gameplay just keeps getting better. As far as PvP goes – there is something to be said for quality over quantity – not to mention tactics.

  2. T8 - June 22, 2010 4:43 am

    Im sure its a great game, but you know how i am. If i cant get at least 300 kills in an hour, its not the game for me.


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