June 4, 2013

Fable Anniversary coming this Fall


Lionhead and Microsoft Studios announced today the re-release of an Xbox classic, Fable. The game is to celebrate the what i am guessing is the 10th anniversary, but they are a little early for that, the game was released in 2004. But despite the timing differences, there is plenty to like here. Fable may have been over hyped by the professional hypemachine Peter Molyneux, but the game is arguably the best in the series. The game will sport a graphical overhaul and achievement support. This will be the Lost Chapters version as well, giving the bonus content that was not seen in the original release. The game will be released this year on the Xbox 360, so you won’t even need a next gen console to enjoy this. The original Fable is still on the Games on Demand service, but I would hold out for this if you want to play it. Just looking at the comparison shot below, this is time well spent re-master. They are taking very good care with the game and not just shoehorning a higher resolution like some HD collections do. I love the Fable series; the fun combat, British humor, realized worlds all contribute to what make the Fable franchise so special. Granted, Fable 2 and especially 3 started to wind down the RPG elements, and lets not start with Fable 3’s ending (it wasn’t terrible, but it could have been much better). Hopefully with E3 next week, we will learn more of the title and when we will be able to visit the wonderful world of Albion again.


Here is the comparison shot, the original on the left, the anniversary edition on the right. It is just staggering to see this old title in a new light.




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  1. ScrotusKilmystr - June 5, 2013 1:32 pm

    fable is one of my favorite series from the xbox and the 360 although they never had all the “features” that Molyneux promised the first 2 games are just fantastic! I’m really looking forward to this HD re-master and would love to see them go back to the root of the series and make a new fable for the next next gen XboxOne


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