December 20, 2009

Federal Trade Comission Sues INTEL !!

WTF is this gonna mean for gamers?  Wtf is gonna this mean for AMD?  And WTF is this gonna mean for hungry children in Africa?  Probably nothing at all for the latter, BUT this very well could be a kick in da shorts for Intel and show their true colors.  Basically, WTF is the FTC… explanation: The Federal Trade Commission’s principle mission is the promotion of consumer protection and to eliminate what they consider anti-competitive business practices.  With more than 1200 employees I’m sure they would have no problem investigating a company they suspected of not playing fair.  The type of lawsuit they filed is know as antitrust, or competition law.  Check out Wikipedia for further insight into Competition Law, .

Basically Intel is the worlds largest chip maker.  CPU (Central Processing Unit) chip maker that is.  And they are being sued by the federal government, but the gov representatives are saying that customers have been paying too little for Intel’s products?? Apparently Intel has been undercutting the competition, giving PC buyers prices that may have been artificially low.  This path could lead to Intel stopping AMD in its tracks, and possible allow them to completely corner the market and then raise prices to whatever levels they wanted to. 

So WTF is da big deal?  Well besides the possibility of Intel owing the market and eventually charging inflated prices in the future; it also means that they have not been giving us the performance from our laptops that we should expect by now.  They have charged manufactures less for its Atom chipset with integrated graphics rather than offering a reasonable option to have a laptop with a dedicated video card.  nVidia is happy about the FTC’s lawsuit, believing that it is necessary to prevent Intel form blocking competition in the GPU marketplace.  The sad thing is it could take as long as 10 years for the case to be settled : (  So are consumers the real winners of this lawsuit?  Only time will tell.

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  1. Crazieman_47 - December 21, 2009 3:09 pm

    I am sure down the road, Intel will be inside us all. By that I mean, they will probably say in about 5 years or so during the process mention that this whole lawsuit has put a major dent into their market and they need a bail out to keep alive. To that I say “YOU FAILED MOTHA **** ‘SHut your mouth'” But seriously do we need to bail out those who failed in their own business practices? Last time I checked that is what made us “not Communistic”

    But back to the topic… ahem… so they have built their company bigger and better than anyone else. They created the most efficient factories and have sold them selves into the heart of the computers we buy. You have to assume in all things that the General Public are going to get the stiff on new technology. We will never get the “best of the best” Case and point is the walkman, remember that? it was a prototype scrapped by sony, and used by its builder in the work shop as a radio and toy until the big boss came along and saw what was going on in the shop and decided to make it something to sell to us. Which took a few many years more, by then we were getting the atrack and told it’s the best technology.

    ANyway I personally like monopoly companies, for one reason, it makes everyone else work harder to be better than them and take their business away. Thus the benefit is put into our pocket as “better” technology. I say “better” cause its not like aliens are letting us in on our tech so until plastics, diamonds, gold, and energy goes down a path we never thought of before. AKA start working with the Math of electronics that Tesla was working on, you know that math that they try to tell us is not important and we should stop at what we have and not even bother to think about extending our math skills beyond. “lies”

    Anyway Keep up the good work Boys your going places


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