July 7, 2012

FF7 back to the PC

Recently it was announced that Final Fantasy VII was going to revisit the PC in an upcoming re-release. The official site, visible here, states that the game will have “a host of new online features.” Which translates to:


  • Achievements (on SquareEnix’s own service, neither Steam nor Live)
  • “Push-to-win-button”
  • Cloud saves (hilariously named)


And that’s it. It doesn’t seem as if they’re updating the graphics at all, and in fact all the pre-release media so far has either been old footage of the old version, or new footage of the new version using old assets. Either way, this isn’t looking like an HD release as is the current trend. A little shameful considering the demo they first showed on the PS3 of an updated looking FFVII intro.


Fun fact: This image from the official site was originally 800×600, what the first PC release would have run at! Bodes well doesn’t it?


Final Fantasy VII was one of the first JRPGs I ever played when I was much younger, and though I enjoyed it I can’t see myself picking it up ever again, especially if their noteworthy updates are as lame as they’ve shown so far. Regardless, look for it “soon.”

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