Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remasters Coming to US


Orig­i­nally announced for a Japan release, the Final Fan­tasy X / X-2 will be com­ing to the states, via the PS3 and PS Vita. The titles will be sold sep­a­rately on the Vita and will come on one disc for the PS3. There will be an offi­cial launch trailer come March 25th. There is no men­tion of cross saves or cross buy, but they may come later. I never had the chance to play X or X-2, again some­thing I missed dur­ing the PS2 gen­er­a­tion, but I will be grab­bing this col­lec­tion up. You can pre-order the col­lec­tion for the PS3 over at Ama­zon, its is cur­rently run­ning a $39.99 price tag, which for an HD col­lec­tion, is typ­i­cal. I will be post­ing the announce­ment trailer on the 25th, until then I have a small gallery below show­ing off how well this game cleaned up in it’s tran­si­tion to HD. It will be nice to play a Final Fan­tasy on the mod­ern con­soles scored by Uematsu.


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