July 9, 2013

Final Fantasy x/x-2 hd gets pre-order bonus and comparison trailer


Final Fantasy X and X-2 are a two games in a long list of games that I missed during the PlayStation 2 era. This fall Square Enix is giving me, and everyone else, the opportunity to explore these two titles in one amazing HD collection. We knew that Square Enix was putting out an HD collection of these two titles and that they are coming to the PlayStation 3 and Vita. Today, however,    they give us a glimpse of what effort has been put into to clean up and breathe new life into these titles, and it looks fantastic. Below is the video showing the original PlayStation 2 title and its new HD counter part. Revamped lighting, higher definition textures and colors are just some of the improvements you can catch in the video. Along with the comparison trailer is a addition  to pre-orders. If you pre-order at a participating location you can snag the Limited Edition that will net you a 24 page art book, commentary by the original development teams, and a special message from the games producer Yoshinora Kitase. All of this added content doesn’t change the retail price either, the game will release at $39.99. The games release date has yet to be revealed, but with Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD coming in September, I am more than certain you can bank on this fall. I wish more companies would make HD remakes the way Square Enix is treating their franchises. Silent Hill got a mediocre HD conversion, while series like Metal Gear and Devil May Cry have received better collections, but Square Enix is still outshining everyone. I already have Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD pre-ordered, mainly I am a sucker for game concept art books, so looks like I will be off to Game Stop to plop money down on this collection as well.


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