July 25, 2012

First gameplay video for NHL 13


Here at thegamersblog, we don’t cover sports titles all that much, which is a shame and maybe with this post I will start a trend. Today we get a look at the first round of gameplay from NHL 13 and right away the biggest draw for me is the animation and how beautiful and fluid it has become. I recently played FIFA 12 and it looks so robotic compared to NHL 13. Now I haven’t played an NHL game in a few years, so I won’t sit here and pretend that I know how the series has evolved, which is a shame and yes, I should play it more. You would think being from the Pittsburgh area and being a Penguins fan I would play this more but I have been deep in the FIFA world the past couple of years. The game looks fantastic and will be out in North America on September 11th. Oh, and the Penguins make an appearance around the 1:00 mark. Sorry Brad, the Avalanche doesn’t appear in this video.



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