July 14, 2011

For some reason stat tracking needs tested…..

If anyone signed up for the Call of Duty Elite beta, the first wave of emails are being sent out today for you to start testing their new stat tracking service CoD: Elite. I really didn’t know you needed to test a stat tracking service; Bungie had no problem implementing the same service in 2007 with Halo 3. But for all you CoD fans out there you will need the email and your copy of Black Ops, funny how they are testing a feature in a Treyarch developed game yet it will be implemented into IW’s MW2.5 MW3. I do believe Activision is the one implementing this but I just find it funny since Treyarch and Infinity Ward are just the best of pals (rolling sarcasm). If anyone dies get a chance to try this out let us know and how the service compares to other services like this already in existence. Now this portion of Elite will be free, just to correct anything that has been over heard in the uproar. The monthly fee portion still has yet to be shown outside of early access to their already overpriced map packs ($15 for 5 maps that have no edit options outside of game type is absurd). Now please don’t get us wrong, we here at TGB do enjoy CoD now and again, really haven’t had a great time with one since CoD 2, but the re-skinned game design and community of screaming 12 year olds is what keeps me away. Black Ops had a mundane, generic, and schizophrenic campaign but what I did play of the multiplayer (until I reached level 20 something and became bored) was fun while it lasted. So grab your copy of Black Ops, hope you got an email, and test that number system away. Again, if anyone is testing this please, let us know you opinion in the comments.

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