March 23, 2011

Game Rig Build­ing with lit­tle Scratch


This is will be a “short form” for find­ing all the pieces to build a gam­ing rig for around 600 bucks give or take, it all depends on you.
The easy part is putting one together; it looks hard but not really. Almost every piece is “keyed” mean­ing it will only fit into a spe­cific slot a spe­cific way and with all of the resources the inter­net has you should have no prob­lem.
Now the hard part…..figuring out what to buy, what will work with what, and get­ting the biggest bang for your buck! Per­son­ally I like AMD (proces­sor man­u­fac­turer) over INTEL (same), AMD has always been the under­dog but the per­for­mance as always gone back and forth between these two com­peti­tors. Last I checked INTEL is win­ning, BUT, you will pay for it! AMD has almost always has been cheaper which equals more bang for your buck!! You can get a high end dual core (black Ed. That can be over clocked into a four core) or a low to mid-range four core proces­sor for around 100 bucks, before you decide look around and ALWAYS do some research!
Now, the proces­sor is decided you need to match it to a moth­er­board, the back­bone of your whole sys­tem. See what mem­ory (you can find mem­ory for around 50 bucks for 4gigs) your proces­sor works best with and with that info you can decide on a good Mobo. That should fall in the 60 to 70 dol­lar price range and always try to think of upgrade abil­ity. Who knows you might what to pimp out the sys­tem in the future!
Most MoBo.’s come with pretty decent sur­round sound capa­bil­ity built in so for bud­get sake we will move on. Now the biggest and hard­est deci­sion to make, the video card! How ever much you are will­ing to spend you WILL find a card to eat up that bud­get! So, check the reviews!!!! Some older cards rate bet­ter than new mod­els and have bet­ter prices to boot! You can find nice cards in the $150 range that will run most games BUT not at full on graphic set­tings and just remem­ber while proces­sors can run with any video card man­u­fac­turer AMD is opti­mized for RADEON and INTEL is opti­mized for NVIDIA so match­ing your video with your proces­sor again will make a dif­fer­ence.
Now you have the meat and pota­toes next is the dress­ing…. First a hard drive prices per gig are really cheap and a one or two ter­abyte hard drive will run under 100 bucks! Sweet! CD/DVD dri­ves also are really cheap and will only cost you give or take 50 bucks for a nice DVD burner. Also upgrade your proces­sor fan, the stock fan (if pro­vided) usu­ally will do the bare min­i­mum at cool­ing so upgrade that bad­boy! You’ll drop around 30 to 50 bucks for a bitchen heat pipe that will pull the heat off your proces­sor nicely. Next get a power sup­ply, I would say no less than 550 watts depend­ing on how big of a power whore your video card is. You should be able to get a decent PSU for 50 bucks, with no flashi­ness; that will power your sys­tem pretty good.
Now, we have all the guts, we now need a body, or, a case to drop all these parts into. Remem­bers if you get a tall proces­sor fan try to buy a full tower for clear­ance, Mid-ranged tow­ers will run 50 to 75 bucks and all will do the same thing but the cool fac­tor will adjust the price and weather or not a power sup­ply is included (most included power sup­plies suck!).
Well that should do it; that should get you a tower of decent power for some gam­ing good­ness. I’ll leave all the periph­er­als up to you (mouse/keyboard, speak­ers, and a mon­i­tor plus any other do-dads you might want) they are above and beyond this budget!

Here is a short list of decent sites to start piec­ing your rig together: ~ HUGE sec­tion lots of deals decent prices ~ runs neck and neck with tiger! ~ great resource for all the parts you’re look­ing for has a great list­ing sys­tem show­ing prices from cheap­est to most expen­sive ~ you need cables that have cables! At super cheap prices ~ listed on price­watch but they have lots of cool nerd toys! ~ use to be decent prices.

Be gen­tle guys! This is my first piece since col­lege! Got any tips (I know you do!), bet­ter sites or what­ever drop a comment!


  1. ScrotusKilmystr - March 25, 2011 11:19 am

    actually…. I bought my drive about this time last year for 70 bucks granted it wasn’t a burner and had a slower speed (4x) but it runs my blu’s just fine

  2. PimpmasterF - March 25, 2011 10:27 am

    hey no problem 😀 glad to help. i agree if you look hard enough you can usually find something on sale. and its about damn time bluray came down in price, that shit was ridiculous

  3. ScrotusKilmystr - March 25, 2011 8:15 am

    thanks for posting my article pimpmaster! Greatly Appreciated keep in mind my thoughts behind this where getting a base PC that can handle MOST games decently and if you follow my favorite pharse.. “ALWAY do some research!” You can always find what your looking for in your budget
    as for a 50 dollasr PSU if you follow some of the bigger sites I listed that $100 PSU you are jone-ing for is going to be onsale! or at least if you bundle it with something-else you’re already going to buy they mostly likely have a discount tied in as well including rebates….
    as for the 50 drives well that was a generalization more than an absolute price although blu-ray drives are getting close to that area…
    If there’s one thing I can do is find shit cheapper because I have no problem with digging into reviews and sites off the beaten path to get a deal ( so long as they are liget)

  4. PimpmasterF - March 24, 2011 12:15 am

    the article was actually written by Scrotuskilmystr, I agree though, good read 😀 However a $50 PSU probably isnt such winner, you can get them but when it comes to PSU’s you get what you pay for and its definitely not something to cheap out on. do yourself a favor and spend the money on a quality PSU. Also if you spend $50 on a DVD drive you went to a store or overpaid, a decent DVD burner can be had for $20, I got an asus drive for $20 and its awesome.

  5. T8 - March 23, 2011 11:10 pm

    you are pretty dead on with alot of what you said pimp. The only things i would add are:

    if you are an audiophile and you have a great set of phones, onboard will not cut it and dont think that it will.

    Often times games today rely much more heavily on the GPU then the CPU ( valve games excluded).

    The place i have to stress to people the most is a quality heatsink. You can buy the cheapest quad core and make it out compete any other quad with a little work and a great cooling system.

    Ram cast latencies are what needs to be focused on, not always the amount you have but the speed at which it works.

    Great sum. You can either buy the newest and best console (usually for 500 when they come out) or build a beast of a computer for a little bit more.

    Good read sir!

  6. PimpmasterF - March 23, 2011 9:47 pm

    Hey scrotus, I deleted the comment version of this and your comment about not knowing where to put it, still gave you credit for it though so thats 3 more entries for the drawing with the article and the comment 😀 In the future you can send any article you want to put up to and Ill get it posted for you 😀


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