December 19, 2011

Gamefly now offering PC titles for rent/sale

Gamefly has just released its own download client for PC games, in its beta stages of course. It would seem that gamers who subscribe to their service will get  to choose from a growing selection of PC titles to download and play for an unlimited amount of time. Most of the play for free games will be unheard of titles and/or titles no one is interested in, however this is to be expected with something in its infancy, not to worry though, there are a few big titles such as Prince of Persia and Assassins Creed, and as it matures more A titles will likely be seen (remember its a FREE service included with membership). Gamefly has made this possible by acquiring Direct2Drive. This allows them to offer their free and unlimited games along with direct download of PC games available for purchase, pre-orders will also be made available for unreleased titles. On top of downloadable PC titles it sounds as if PSP and PSVita owners will also be able to rent and download games to their handheld devices, Gamefly is really upping their game here and making themselves available to a much wider audience and will be all the better for it. Also worth noting is that they will offer games compatible with Mac, how many is unknown but they will offer them.

You can check it out here >

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