August 30, 2013

Games with your Subscription: September Edition


Last month I started to focus on the great games you can get for free from your PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live subscriptions, we are continuing it again this month because there are some titles that really should not be over looked. Let look at Games with Gold first since there are only two titles available:


Games with Gold

Magic The Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 (Free, normally $9.99) September 1st – 15th

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas (Games on Demand edition, Free, normally $19.99) September 16th – 30th


I am willing to give Magic a shot, my brother is still really active with the card game and enjoys these downloadable titles, so something else to play with family for free is always a win. No if you are not into the card game, I was at one time during the early/late 90’s, this may not be your cup of tea. I am glad that they are highlighting arcade titles, but would have been happy with them combining them with another Games on Demand title like they did last month, though free is free. Rainbow Six: Vegas is one of my favorite 360 titles and I was constantly playing the multiplayer when it was active years ago. The Terrorist Hunt (horde mode) is always a blast with friends and the great part about the main game being free is that all the DLC is still free. New maps and modes at no extra cost makes this a great deal to pick up, though the game is looking a bit dated.


PlayStation Plus Instant Games Collection

There is plenty here for both Vita and PS3 users. There are five titles coming to the Instant Game Collection coming next month, three of which I personally recommend. Let take a look at what you are getting:


PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection

Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection (Normally $26.99, Free) (PS3)

Galaga Legions DX (Normally $9.99, Free) (PS3)

ICO HD (Normally $19.99, Free) (PS3)

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (Normally $19.99, Free) (PSP, Vita)

Rayman Origins (Normally $26.99, Free) (Vita)


Rayman Origins, I can not recommend that game any higher. I bought it on the consoles and found the Vita version at a Sam’s Club for $4, so I have bought this game twice over and enjoy it every time. The Vita version is a great console port with the only thing holding back is the camera can be zoomed back a little two far for size of the screen you are playing on; that is my only gripe. The game is colorful, controls like dream, humorous, and above all, tons of fun. Galaga Legions DX is a fun take on the traditional Galaga formula, I bought this game when it was originally released when Namco was experimenting with their classic arcade titles. ICO HD should be downloaded and appreciated by anyone with PS+ and a PS3. The game is a classic from the PS2 era that should not be missed. The other weekend I was playing through the ICO collection and the game is beautiful in HD, though it can be a little on the short side; but this is one of those titles that puts substance and art over length. If you have the money and the chance, the other half of the ICO collection, Shadow of the Colossus is available for $19.99, so you can complete the set. Shadow of the Colossus is such a sad, yet fantastic title. As for the other two, GTA: Liberty City Stories plays like and takes place in the same city as GTA: III. If you are looking for some classic GTA action before GTA V hits on the 17th, this could be a great way to get that. Resident Evil Chronicles HD, I have heard good things about it and the Wii titles they were ported from. The are free and can’t be any worse than Resident Evil 6, so I say give them a try. They are quite different as they are rail shooters like House of the Dead or Dead Space: Extraction, versus typical survival horror. As always the list above does not represent the order the games will be released for free, check out the Official PlayStation Blog¬†for the weekly PlayStation Store update to see when you can get your hands on the free titles.

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