Gamescom: Batman Arkham Origins latest Trailer Leaves Me Very Optimistic



As much as any fan, I was wor­ried when Warner Bros. Inter­ac­tive announced Arkham Ori­gins. The game had a dif­fer­ent team devel­op­ing, there was a dif­fer­ent script writer, and almost none of the voice actors would return (there are about 4 or so return­ing or play­ing dif­fer­ent roles). With each new trailer, how­ever, I grew cau­tiously opti­mistic; and with this lat­est trailer, that cau­tion is fad­ing. The game will be tak­ing place years before the first Arkham inci­dent, being a prov­ing ground for our Dark Knight in train­ing. Black Mask has a hit out on Bat­man and only Gotham’s finest lunatics come call­ing. The newest to join the group, and fea­tured in the trailer, is Fire­fly; and the trailer shows off the other announced vil­lains as well. What really has me excited is see­ing how Bruce’s rela­tion­ship with Alfred and Gor­don pan out. In the trailer Alfred calls him out as a “A young man with a trust fund and too much anger”, color me very inter­ested. If there in one absolute I love about super heroes, it is watch­ing them fall and deal­ing with their con­se­quences. The game should have been titled Arkham Year One, it looks to be tak­ing ques from Frank Miller story arc. The game will launch world­wide on Octo­ber 25th for the Xbox 360, PlaySta­tion 3, Wii U, and PC.


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