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The world of video gam­ing is a place that let’s your imag­i­na­tion run wild, there are always new ideas and new ways of look­ing at things and what really attracts me to gam­ing is the way it can also bring peo­ple together and brings out the best in them. Some­times when you just get trolls in forums and in-game it seems like no-one has the time of day it’s not fun which is why I think Sol­i­dar­i­tyGam­ing are bril­liant. These guys are a group of friends with a shared inter­est in gam­ing, they are mak­ing some really good YouTube con­tent doing what they love. They are pas­sion­ate about gam­ing and they’ve cov­ered a num­ber of games so far, both mod­ern titles and con­sole clas­sics, includ­ing: World of War­craft, Dia­blo 3, Minecraft, Mod­ern War­fare 3 and most recently Team Fortress 2. The con­tent is fun and you’re not going to feel like you’re being lec­tured on how to play the game — in fact you might find that it’s a great way of see­ing a game from another angle.

Sol­i­dar­i­tyGam­ing have such a good out­look and com­mu­nity phi­los­o­phy on gam­ing and that’s some­thing I really appre­ci­ate. You can check out Sol­i­dar­i­tyGam­ing on their YouTube page, you can also fol­low them on Twit­ter @SolidarityCoUK and also like them on their Face­book page. If you appre­ci­ate what these guys are doing please do give them your support.

Here is their lat­est video for Team Fortress 2:

And if like me you’re gear­ing up for the release of Mists of Pan­daria next week, Sol­i­dar­i­tyGam­ing are going to be doing a WoW exclu­sive tomor­row night, so go and take a look.

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