September 9, 2013

Gaming in Stereo: Be Aggressive is Released!


The newest album from OverClocked Remix I highlighted last week is out, and it is awesome. Full of high energy music, the album remixes the music from Gunstar Heroes, originally composed by Norio Hanzawa. The album features a lot of electronic beats and guitars mixing with high tempos creating the high energy found with in the game. While I have burned through the first disc and starting on the second, this is already a hit in my opinion. I already have a few favorites on the first disc I am going to share with you today, and hopefully they sway you to download this adrenaline fueled album. The download can be found here¬†and the download nets you both discs (24 tracks in all) and the amazing artwork by The Coop. Let’s check out some of the tracks:




And Heroes Emerge (Opening) – DusK

This track is fairly short, clocking in at 0:49, but is a great lead into the following song. Very guitar heavy, with an awesome drum beat and added synths; the track makes a very good opening statement, “get ready to rock!”. Not all of the album is rock music, a good bit is very electronic, but this opening track and its companion “Loadout” get the album heading in a good direction. I love the snare march at the end that drills into the next track.


Loadout (Stage Select) – DusK

This is the track the previous song interludes. Again, very guitar heavy, but this track has even more synth spread through out. I love at the (0:17) mark where the synth takes over the melody repeating a lot of the guitar riffs, but feeling original. The guitar melody solo against the the synth layover at (1:45) is a nice change of pace for the track. The two opening tracks make the album title fit very well and I am glad they arranged it the way they did. If a more mild track on the album was position first, I don’t think it would have had the same impact as these two. Bravo!


Lunar Ecstasy (Option) – Jakesnke17

This track and the bonus track, the openings I am in love with. A very simple beat, but fun and full of energy; the track hits full stride at the (0:36) mark. Though not as aggressive as the previous tracks, the beat and tempo is constant, making for a fun layout. I love the crash at (2:10) and then the bass and beeps picking back up.


Bonus Track – Square Zero (4 Stage) – Eino Keskitalo

Like the last track, the opening has an intoxicating hook. The beeps and drums has my head bouncing to the beat. It has some heavy guitar parts in the beginning but changes at the (0:53) mark adding a lot of synth to the mix. The great part of this track is at the (2:11) mark until the end of the track feels like a jam session. It sounds like the ReMixer had a lot of fun with ending and letting the music just flow. Enjoy!

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  1. DianaQ - September 9, 2013 7:20 pm

    Great music! I absolutely loved the upbeat and fast pace of the music!!


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