January 21, 2013

Gaming in Stereo: Best of 2012 Day 1


This week we are taking a look back at the awesome music of the past year. I do apologize now for  the first two songs will be YouTube videos instead of the quality MP3’s I typically purchase for this article. The music featured today and tomorrow are harder to come by (Kid Icarus Uprisings soundtrack was only available to Club Nintendo of Japan and now hits somewhere around $60 on Ebay). Wednesday through Friday will be the typical MP3 but I have found the best possible videos for the today’s and tomorrows. A WARNING issue now, these articles may contain spoilers all week long, you have been warned. Now on the to music!

The first of my top 5 comes from a game many may have forgotten about already, Kid Icarus Uprising. Launching in March of last year, this 3DS title has become a hit just selling shy of a million copies world wide according to vgchartz.com. Developed by Project Sora, lead by Masahiro Sakurai of Smash Brothers fame, Uprising was the first time we have seen Pit in his own title since 1991. The rail shooter/action game needs to be in your 3DS collection. The controls do take some getting used to and the packed in stand does help alleviate the curve. The game is beautiful to look at but also to listen to. This track, coming from the 6th chapter of the game, has western showdown written all over it. Chapter 6 takes place right after Pit shatters the Mirror of Truth but not before Dark Pit escaping it. The Ruins of the Temple had Pit chasing down Dark Pit for a rival fight. The very articulate guitar plays during the entire track and is what makes this track so special. The track feels more suited for something like Red Dead Redemption rather than Kid Icarus, but having the mano-a-mano showdown with Dark Pit feels like a showdown at the Palutena corral. The whole game is full of great music, gameplay, and some very humorous writing. The 3DS had a stellar year last year and hopefully if you picked up Nintendo’s latest handheld you added this amazing game to your collection. Enjoy what I feel is one of last years best!



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  1. DianaQ - January 21, 2013 6:13 pm

    The music is a perfect compliment to the theme of the game!


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