April 9, 2012

Gaming in Stereo: Dark Knight Monday





After a small hiatus due to the switching of jobs, Gaming in Stereo is back! This week there will be no remixes just straight music from some really great games. To kick off the comeback week, I chose this very wisely (insert Last Crusade joke), I chose to honor my personal game of the year from 2011, Batman: Arkham City. Arkham City Main Theme by Nick Arundel is off the Batman: Arkham City – The Album. This is one of my personal all time favorite scores in any medium, It is dark and brooding, yet full of hope and loaded with despair. I even like it more than, dare I say it, Hans Zimmer’s Dark Knight Score. Rocksteady cranked the game all the way to 11 and that included the musical score. If video games ever get their rightful spot in the Grammy’s I want this to win an award that it so sorely deserves. Will we ever see a sequel to Arkham City? That is a question I cannot answer, but did we already get the Batman game we deserve, the one that we needed to believe in the Dark Knight’s video game repertoire again? Yes, yes we did and in doing so the song that should fill every villains heart with fear, the song that every Batman staple should be branded with. I hope everyone enjoys the articles return, I think I am going to head back to Gotham and show people that there are people ready to do good, ready to show the Joker he is alone and that everyone is not as ugly as he is; Gotham needs it’s caped crusader, it’s Dark Knight.

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