February 4, 2013

Gaming in Stereo: Dragonborn Edition!


Its been a long time in coming I know. I have had request in the past to do music from Skyrim and the closest I have gotten was a rendition done by the London Symphonic Orchestra. The Original Soundtrack was sold by Bethesda and was a very limited run; so limited that it is now at the fetching price of $89.99 on Amazon. The game is full of wonderful music and Bethesda was so kind to finally their collection of original soundtracks to iTunes. Though not my downloadable service of choice, it is great to finally have access to all of this wonderful music to purchase at the touch of a button. There are two tracks we are going to look at today; Dragonborn, and The Streets of Whiterun.




Dragonborn – Jeremy Soule

This was the title track for the game and played during some of the trailers for the game as well. The very vocal track feels Nordic in nature. Around the (1:20) with the aggressive horns and the “ya!” chant is just as epic as the first dragon battle you encounter. Around the (2:00) you get a sense of just how epic the undertaking of being a Dovahkiin, really is. The track, at (2:52) mark, ends with just what I pictured from the trailer, a beautiful fly over of Skyrim’s wilderness. This track clearly defines how epic and vast this game really is.


The Streets of Whiterun – Jeremy Soule

This piece is what plays while your in the town of Whiterun. In this town is where my first house still stands, chocked full of materials I used to build armor and weapons at the Warmaiden’s. I also would visit Belethor’s General Goods from time to time and always mess his table up from time to time as I walked in and out of the door, though he always gave me a decent selling price for the things I didn’t want or need. The track is just beautiful, I spent a lot of time in Whiterun and loved every minute of this track. From the beautiful piano in the beginning to the solemn violin in the middle put┬ámysticism in the cold, northern air. The Streets of Whiterun is simply a beautiful track. Enjoy.


Editor’s Note: Sorry about the earlier confusion, the songs are in the format I normally use and can be listen to as normal.


  1. TattooedKitty - February 5, 2013 1:03 am

    I cannot wait to play this and hear the new soundtrack ­čÖé

  2. DianaQ - February 4, 2013 8:14 pm

    The music arrangements are such a perfect compliment to the game!


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