November 7, 2012

Gaming in Stereo: Halo 4 Special – Don’t make a girl a promise….


Moving right along this week with our Halo 4 music, we take a look at some moving pieces that are just as epic as the story telling in Halo 4. I have finally finished the campaign last night, put about 4 or so hours into multiplayer and finished the first episode of Spartan Ops. The game was just crafted with such care and respect for the Halo universe, but we must press on and listen to some great music.




Solace – Neil Davidge

Halo 4 is very emotional driven. 343i wanted to dive deeper into who the guy in the green armor is and show that he is more (that’s all the further I can go without spoilers). As much as the game is a personal journey for Master Chief, Cortana is the story’s front runner. This track echo’s that deep emotion running through the protagonists and that each goes through great lengths for one another. Now I cannot tell you where in the game this takes place or who it involves due to spoilers. The quiet opening saunters up to a peaceful gong (0:27), at about (1:22) there is remnants of the previous Halo’s soft piano themes. Approaching the first climax of the piece at (1:49) the chorus instantly throws you, again, to O’Donnell’s score of the previous games, especially Halo 3. Listening to tracks from the previous titles, especially Halo 3’s “Never Forget” you can feel Davidge’s inspiration from O’Donnell’s previous works.


Arrival – Neil Davidge

This was the first track I had ever heard from this soundtrack back in April I believe. After I witnessed where in the game it was placed it all made sense. The song is a struggle, not between evil and good necessarily, but without spoiling the game I cannot say. During this sequence though, I had my headphones cranked and felt the struggle and even in exhaustion from not really sleeping Monday night I, like the Chief, dug in and fought my way through. This track comes at a pinnacle moment in the story and it is very fitting, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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  1. DianaQ - November 12, 2012 6:35 pm

    A story can always be told through music. You can actually feel emotions just like if you were seeing a movie.


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