July 15, 2013

Gaming in Stereo: Halo, Old and New


There is no surprise that I have a fan boy affection for the Halo franchise. I do not side with one or the other on consoles. All three companies have different exclusives, slightly different tech, and different ways to play; and I enjoy all of them. One franchise that made me pick up Microsoft’s first console offering has grown into a love for all things attached to said franchise, Halo. Halo has become my Star Wars, a Sci-Fi franchise where no matter if it is a book, comic, game, or movie; I am there waiting to grab whatever is next. The series has had it’s share of ups and downs, heroes come and go, an unflattering marketing with fattening soda. One this however, that has captivated me more about this franchise has been the music. I try, every week, to showcase how gaming, as a whole, has grown, musically, to an unprecedented level. Halo has been one of those franchises that has pushed the musical boundaries since we first heard the guitar riff in Combat Evolves theme. Every game has followed with a soundtrack that is ever changing; but retains certain elements so that, while different, feels familiar. This being the very case with Halo 4. Bungie, the long time developer of the Halo franchise, had finally handed the torch to 343 Industries and moved on to Destiny, an upcoming next gen title. With the departure of Bungie, the series composer, Martin O’Donnell, was no longer at the helm of the fabled Halo score. Neil Davidge stepped in and what became of it, made the game. Halo 4 has one of the best gaming soundtracks of this generation. Now, that can be argued, I am just stating my opinion. As I have stated in past Gaming in Stereo’s that featured Halo 4’s soundtrack; I have never had a soundtrack make me tune out friends I am playing co-op with, just so I can feel the rush of the soundtrack. Today we are going to take a look at two remixes that hit both Halo of old and the new Halo. One track I found by accident looking for music from the NES classic Ducktails. The other is from Overclocked Remix and features music found in the seminal Halo 3. Both titles feature awesome piano work and some original work as well.




Halo 4 Remix – Main Theme “To Galaxy” –¬†Orchestra Version by Plasma3Music & Pl511

I fell into this remix by accident. I was looking for peoples remixes of Ducktales fabled track, The Moon, when i ran into this; and I am very glad I did. What Plasma3Music did was take the original “To Galaxy”, added a personal touch of remixing an original composition and made the track even better. I can’t stop listening to this track, it has been repeated 15 times while I write this and I don’t want it to stop. From ¬†mark (1:22 to 2:33) is all original composition from Plasma3Music and fits in so well, you would think this was the official version. The piano during this original composition is sublime and I love the rush of orchestra at (1:48) that leads back into the main theme. This is hands down one of the best, if not the best, remix I have ever featured here. You can download this track from Plasma3Music’s Soundcloud page.


Halo 3 “Immortalized” – Sole Signal – OverClocked Remix

Now for some classic Halo tunes. This remix by Sole Signal takes “Never Forget” and “Finish the Fight” from Halo 3 and pushes them uptempo with a fantastic beat. Not to be out shined by the first remix, this track has a lot to offer. The faster beat is subtle and never overshadows the fantastic piano track from “Never Forget”. At the (3:24) mark, the lower piano note makes a great entrance for the final Halo piano theme that started the track. “Never Forget” was never the happiest piece of Halo musical composition, but the remix has made it a happier remembrance. You can download this track from OC Remix, right here.


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  2. thsoundman - July 15, 2013 6:25 pm

    While I do have a good number of complaints about newer games if there was one thing they have been doing exceptionally well lately it is music. Especially the Halo Series… other games such as Hotline Miami are also making wicked sound tracks. I’m glad to see thats a trend that is coming back. They used to include the soundtracks with the game CD’s but they haven’t done that for several years but now it seems to be making a sound track. Glad to see it too. Nice post Cab!


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