January 28, 2013

Gaming in Stereo: Halo Remixed Edition


The transition for Halo 4 soundtrack to be remixed seemed natural and very fitting seeing how the composer, Neil Davidge, was a producer for Massive Attack (1995-present). Released after the launch of the game, the Halo 4 OST Remix album matched up Davidge’s soundtrack with people like DJ Skee, Apocalyptica, Norin & Rad, and others. the result was an even more electronic feel to the music creating tracks that I would openly listen to while playing some multiplayer or even in the car. The music, despite being remixes, retain a lot of what made each track special. Today we are going to listen to a few of my favorite mixes off the album.




Revival – DJ Skee & THX Remix

My favorite mix off the album. The chanting (higher pitched than in the original) and the bass, handclap mix just makes this track. The retained melody at (0:56) is  perfect and haunting. Around the (2:06) the track gets a little club heavy but still retains the chants. Besides the electronic distortion towards the end, the chants are the major force of the original and they are here as well. This track was used during the preview for Spartan Ops episode 7, and carries the tech heavy, Forerunner tone of the episode. The ruined bell chimes at the end bring the despair the original song conveyed.


Ascendancy – Matt Lange Remix

Ascendancy is used quite a bit, sharing time with Faithless, in the Spartan Ops missions themselves. A very electronic heavy song to begin with, the remix keeps with that theme. The loud distortions in the first minute or so, sound like a Transformer fighting a Promethean Knight, which is the way I like music nowadays. Around the (0:45) mark you start to hear a piano being played in the back ground of the track, which I thought was cool as a subtle hit of whats to come at around the (2:36) mark when it hijacks the track up until around the (4:00) mark when my fight noise comes back. This track would make an awesome compilation to multiplayer.


Arrival – Norin & Rad Remix

Of course their couldn’t be a Halo 4 OST themed article with out the mentioning of Arrival, but this remix does the song justice while adding a good dance beat. The first 45 seconds of the track harks back the original score while transitioning into the track itself. At the (1:20) mark it starts to bring in the long sting cords with an electronic tinge to them. Around the (1:50) mark the main theme from the original shows up and continues until (2:27). At (3:30) the original, though echoed, ending finishes out the track. Like Ascendancy, this would be a good mix with some multiplayer, may take a dose of the track with some CTF matches and see how it feels.


The album can be downloaded via Zune, Amazon, or iTunes. The tracks for this article were purchased from Amazon.


  1. Rick "CABXYZ" - January 29, 2013 12:08 pm

    Thank you, I have been trying to keep the music varied so nothing grows repetitive.

  2. DianaQ - January 28, 2013 7:23 pm

    Each track makes you feel something different, enabling you to enjoy the game more! Great music!


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