July 21, 2012

Gaming in Stereo is back!

After a long hiatus do to work relate reasons, I am finally bringing back our music article, Gaming in Stereo. The format is changing just a little. It will be posted one day a week, still haven’t decided which one, and it will focus on two songs. Other than these minor changes the format will remain the same. This week we take a look at 2 songs both theme songs for games and are catchy pop songs from their respected countries.


B’z – Into Free –Dangan- This was the main title theme from Dragon’s Dogma. I had the pleasure of listening to over and over again while I downloaded the Resident Evil 6 demo. It’s insanely catchy tune and is available on iTunes, where I purchased it from. The song is by Japanese rock legends B’z, and the song was their 24th single; the song was originally released back in 1998. The song was rerecorded in English in 2012. The song is only 69 cents and I keep listening to it on the way to and from work. It has that late 80’s hair band feel to it with a modern twist, but what is even more surprising is this was a title track for an open world medieval fantasy action RPG; and that is why Japan is so cool. Enjoy




 Lisa Miskovsky – Still Alive – Back in 2008, one of my favorite games if not my favorite game of this generation hit shelves, Mirror’s Edge. It’s unique take on the FPS genre and clean, creative esthetics and a lead female protagonist that was not over sexualized. I have a tradition to at least play through the game once a year and sometimes I do it multiple times. Developed by DICE, who is based in Sweden, brought in Swedish pop star Lisa Miskovsky and what we got is an awesome song that has small hints from the actual soundtrack. Hopefully everyone enjoys the return of the article, it will return every week!



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