February 24, 2012

Gaming in Stereo: Lost Planet Friday


Lost Planet came out early in the 360’s life span and is still one of my favorite games of this current generation. The game was clearly made by a Japanese developer for a western audience, there are footprints all over. Though despite this being a first attempt at creating a game for the western audiences, master mind Keiji Inafune help create a game that had a great single player as well as a great international online community. Lost Planet was one of the first games I played on Xbox Live and I made a lot of international friends due to the popularity of the game across the pond. Today’s track comes from the collector’s edition that I have and sadly is the only way to get the soundtrack. The good news is they are on Amazon for twenty bucks, which I will link. Battle Ready by Akihiko Narita and Shuji Uchiyama is the main theme from the game, enjoy!


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