March 13, 2012

Gaming in Stereo: Make Up Day 2


I am still trying to make up for last week and I have now finished the third installment of the Mass Effect Trilogy and won’t give anything away here because this is not the place or time to do so. But we do continue with the fantastic score of this series and how my want for more of today’s music to sound more like this and not like we digressed 30 years. Moving on to today’s music, The Citadel by Jack Wall off of the Mass Effect Official Soundtrack, reminds us of the awe that we were struck with when we first laid eyes on that massive structure. The Citadel is one of my favorite settings in all of gaming and would be content with a whole Mass Effect game talking place on the Citadel as a member of C-Sec . Enjoy the music as I start to write my review on one of 2012 early contenders for GOTY.

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