August 6, 2012

Gaming in Stereo: Mass Effect Monday


I’ve been on a Mass Effect 3 kick since the new multiplayer DLC arrived and the news of the new single player DLC. The two tunes today come from the Mass Effect series, one coming from ME3 the latter coming from ME2. The Mass Effect series has had some of the best music, everything from great club music to sweeping orchestrated set pieces.


Mass Effect 3 The Original Soundtrack – Leaving Earth – Clint Mansell

This has to be one, if not the saddest way to start a game. The song is beautiful, fearful, and down right depressing. This is the opening song that plays as you watch the Reapers start on the destruction of earth, and you do nothing but fly away on the Normandy, which was depressing. It really is beautiful despite the intimidating Reaper growl that sends shivers down your spine, this piece really sets the tone for the rest of the game.


The Greatest Video Game Music – Mass Effect: Suicide Mission – London Philharmonic Orchestra (originally by Jack Wall)

In 2011 the London Philharmonic Orchestra released this compilation of Video Game themes ranging from Mass Effect to Grand Theft Auto and even to Tetris and Angry Birds. Some of the themes transition quite well to full Orchestra especially the song Suicide Mission from Mass Effect 2. The song was already one of my favorites from the Soundtrack, and this rendition of it is by far the one I listen to the most. There is just something great about it the way when I think of Shepard pulling his rag tag team of misfits from across the galaxy together to stop the collectors, it tells that heroism of one man (or woman depending on your play style).


I hope everyone enjoys next week will feature a Grammy award winning song from a very lauded PC series and one of my favorite themes from the PS3 era. (All of the songs featured today were purchased from the Zune Marketplace.)

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