March 6, 2012

Gaming in Stereo: Mass Effect Week Day 2


Welcome to the second day of celebrating nothing but Mass Effect! I will warn you now, if you have not played Mass Effect 2 my description of today’s song may contain SPOILERS, you have been warned. On the day that Mass Effect 3 is handed out to the masses Gaming in Stereo brings you The Normandy Reborn by Jack Wall coming straight from the Mass Effect 2: Official Soundtrack. To see the newly constructed Normandy in all its glory is awe inspiring. After the watching the horrific destruction of the original Normandy, it was only proper to bring that beautiful ship with the respect it deserves. It gave me that same feel you got when setting eyes on the starship Enterprise for the first time. Enjoy Mass Effect 3’s launch day and hope to see you in the fantastic multiplayer. TAKE EARTH BACK!

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