February 9, 2012

Gaming in Stereo: Master Chief Thursday





Two things always come to mind when you mention the Halo series, Master Chief and the incredible soundtrack. Today’s track comes from the Halo 3 Original Soundtrack, one of my favorites. The soundtrack was composed by Martin O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori and is their best one yet. It has beautiful piano pieces, sweeping orchestras, everything on a much grander scale than any previous Halo soundtrack. I always turned the volume all the way to 11 during the whole game just to hear how beautifully crafted the music was. This piece, The Covenant Three Gates/Ascent/Leonidas took place on the Ark as the UNSC and the Elites prepared a final assault. During this gameplay sequence you touched down in the heat of a battle, made scrap of several Covenant forces ,shut off the gate Master Chief was responsible for, then headed to aid the rest, and then took part in the biggest aerial battle to take place during the trilogy. That’s an incredible amount of action and the music flows perfectly over the chaos. I can assure you there will be plenty more music from Halo and other soundtracks as well, in the future of this feature. Halo is and always shall be one of my favorite franchises, but also I wanted to more than just remixes. There is a plethora of great music in video games and a lot of it goes unnoticed, I hope you enjoy the sweeping, intense sounds of Halo 3. “Wort, Wort, Wort!”

I own the physical copy of this soundtrack; I have linked the Bungie store where you can purchase the CD or it is available for digital purchase through your digital media provider of choice. Please be respectful and purchase this legally.


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