April 15, 2013

Gaming in Stereo: Milky Way Wishes


Releasing last month on OverClocked Remix, Milky Way Wishes is the latest album to come from the great community of contributors. Milky Way Wishes is a tribute to on the Kirby’s SNES outings, Kirby Super Star. If you are new to the feature, OverClocked Remix is a community dedicated to video game music and remixes. It’s a non-profit group that started back in 1999. All the arrangements are free and done by the community; for the love of the game, as they say. With some of the albums, there is some great artwork to be has as well. With this album, the download consisted of the double disc album and a folder filled to the brim with creative artwork. The art features the same storybook style the game shares, there is a gallery of samples at the end of the article. It’s timely that I decided this week to feature Kirby, as he makes his Wii U Virtual Console debut this week on the 17th.




The BEST 2 Minutes and 14 Seconds of YOUR LIFE (Peanut Plains) – ProtoDome

I picked the three tunes from the album I enjoyed the most but there is wide range of genre’s represented on the album. I loved this track for it’s use of chiptunes and the purpose driven stuttering and stops. The most dramatic stop is at the (0:56) mark, the first time I listened to the song, I thought it was over; just to come back with a bigger second half. There is a second break at (1:47) to finish out the track. It’s a fun track and that can best describe the Kirby titles; they were never truly difficult, but you had a hard time toning down the smile.


Spelunking in Space (Cocoa Cave) – Hylian Lemon

This one starts off a little calm and desolate, then at the (0:23) mark kicks the track into dance mode with pulsing beats and great use of chiptunes. I love the lower bass hits at (1:04). Around the (1:49) the song transitions into a slower serine  feel, only to be sped up again hitting back into the chiptunes. The great melody and tempo transitions make this track just as fun as the previous. I can’t remember this original track off the top of my head, I may have to dive into my Kirby 25th Anniversary collection and fire up Super Star; love the track though.


A Green Green Dedede (Great King Dedede’s Theme/Green Greens) -Sir_NutS

It wouldn’t be a Kirby album with the inclusion of Green Greens, one of the most iconic Kirby tracks. The track starts with King Dedede’s theme and transitions over at the (1:36) mark. It’s another heavy dance beat, chiptune infused track. I would love to play this at a club and see the reactions. The King Dedede theme at the beginning of the track feels like it came off on of the Mega Man OC remix albums; fast tempo, lots of infused sounds, just as imposing as a Robot Master fight.


The album is full of great music ranging from dance beats; to somber piano pieces; to classical Japanese inspired pieces; to even a Ska piece. I urge you to download it yourself, it is free. You can download the album + artwork combo from here, the easiest way to download it is to just hit one of the mirrors. Again, below is a gallery with some of the fantastic artwork, there is plenty more in the full download. I hope everyone enjoys Milky Way Wishes.



  1. thsoundman - April 16, 2013 9:59 pm

    Kriby I played alot of that on gameboy when I was younger… yes the gameboy that required an attachable ‘reading light’ to play when it was dark out. Man it has been years since I played that.

  2. DianaQ - April 16, 2013 7:29 pm

    You just gotta love Kirby!! Absolutely loved the music!!


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