October 21, 2012

Gaming in Stereo: Nintendo Anniversary Edition


This is a group of songs I have wanted to feature for a couple of weeks now. The Zelda 25th Anniversary CD has been lying around my desk for a while and it’s on every MP3 playing device I have but I have never seemed to feature it. This was the CD that came packaged in with Skyward Sword and the concert series followed to celebrate the 25th anniversary. The second song and the bonus track are from the Kirby 20th anniversary collection. I was really surprised with the Kirby collection, the game assortment, the book, and the CD were better in my opinion than the Mario 25th anniversary; but Mario got his own special edition Wii. (Just think if Kirby had a special edition pink console, I’d trade my Mario one in for that.) The pink puff ball is one of my favorite Nintendo characters and one of my favorite fighters in Smash Brothers and finally getting to feature some of his tunes is a great honor.


The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony: The Wind Waker Symphonic Movement

Ocarina of Time is my favorite Zelda, but Wind Waker comes in at a very close second; though, Wind Waker has the superior soundtrack. I could sit for hours and listen to the music that is played while sailing around the hub world (around the 2:14 mark and then again around the 4:50 mark). The lower strings just made sailing such a delight; I guess I’m one of the few people that really enjoyed the sailing aspect of the game. There are two other spots in this arrangement I wanted to point out. One is at the 6:05 mark and is an epic fanfare followed but a sweet and subtle rendition of the main Zelda theme that just makes the Zelda nerd inside scream for joy. The other is at the 9:13 mark which has an old sailing tone to it and closes the arrangement out in fantastic style. It’s quite a long tune but well worth your time to listen.


Kirby’s Dream Collection – Green Greens: Epic Yarn

Kirby is awesome. The pink puffballs first outing on the Wii was a departure both in game play and in the visual department. Epic Yarn was a visual masterpiece and had Kirby changing shape instead of getting power-ups from the inhaled enemies. The soundtrack was just as cheek pinching cute as the game itself. This was a new rendition of the classic Kirby theme Green Greens. It starts with a soft piano and eventually grows with more instruments joining the theme. If your ever in a bad mood this song is guaranteed to make things right.


Bonus Track: Kirby’s Dream Collection – Vegetable Valley

Kirby’s Adventure was my first Kirby game. My parents still weren’t sold on the SNES and I continued with the NES for a while, Kirby’s Adventure was a NES title that shipped after the SNES hit the market. This song holds a special place in my gaming heart. Dueling with Meta Knight, a handful of fun mini games, and this was the first title to feature Kirby’s copying ability, just made the whole game magical in my young eyes. When I bought the Kirby Dream Collection for the Wii Kirby’s Adventure was the first game I fired up, and it is still awesome after all this time. To see Kirby dance after the end stage mini game brought a tear to my eye. Kirby you can have this dance; enjoy!

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  1. DianaQ - October 21, 2012 5:24 pm

    Excellent article and absolutely loved the music! Thank you for bringing together the game and music pieces to help us non-gamers understand and appreciate!!


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